Scaffold Batch Annotated XML Driver (SCAFML)

The following XML driver file includes references to the batch processing version of Scaffold for most elements and attributes.

The default values are those used in Scaffold Desktop UI. Interact with the XML sections to add or remove attributes and build your SCAFML. Use the copy buttons to paste into a text editor for review. Finally, save this file with the extension *.scafml.

Command Line Options

To view command line interface options built into the Scaffold Batch command, run it without arguments: user@host:~$ ./ScaffoldBatch

        ScaffoldBatch [-q] [-f] [-keypath PATH] [xmlDriverFile1] [xmlDriverFile2]
          -h, -help, --help
            Shows help documentation
          -q, -quiet, --quiet
            Write minimal information to console
          -f, -force, --force
            Doesn't request answers from user
          -k, -keypath, --keypath PATH
            Specifies location of the license key path -- useful for grid systems.
          --is-license-valid-at PATH
            Checks if license is valid at the given path

You can also get help information by running with the help option: user@host:~$ ./ScaffoldBatch --help

Syntax Conventions

Please note that for consistency, Unix-style forward slashes for path designations, and bash-style command syntax will be used throughout this document.

Interactive XML Driver

All SCAFML files start with a pair of Scaffold and Experiment elements that bracket the rest of the specification. It is common to add the Scaffold version attribute here.

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