Partners and Resellers

In order to provide more complete software solutions, Proteome Software has partnered with several companies offering proteomics, bioinformatics, and mass spectrometry software solutions. These partners work closely with Proteome Software to deliver high quality software around the globe, including DDA/DIA proteomics, metabolomics, and small molecule mass spectrometry analytical solutions.

マトリックスサイエンス株式会社は、日本国内における Scaffold 製品の販売代理店です。 Matrix Science K.K. sells Scaffold products in Japan.

Software4Labs sells Scaffold Software in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1995, Scinco (South Korea) has been positioned as a global leader in the analytical instruments field.

上海康昱盛信息科技有限公司是一家专门提供生物制药领域科学信息整体解决方案的公司, 负责Scaffold和Mascot等质谱数据分析软件在中国地区的销售和技术支持。CloudScientific Technology is a Chinese company specializing in serving the life sciences community by providing integrated total scientific software solutions. CloudScientific sells and supports Scaffold and Mascot in China.

Mass Solutions Technology sells Scaffold Software in Taiwan.

After more than 20 years of activities in the field of proteomics, metabolomics, and peptide synthesis, we announce that the activities of Proteomic Solutions are transferred to the company Proteigene.

Founded in 2001, Proteomic Solutions/Proteigene is located in France, between Paris and Rouen. It includes a service laboratory specialized in proteins separation and characterization. The laboratory leads many proteomics and metabolomics projects in collaboration with its partners and offers also peptides synthesis and tools for protein interactions studies.

Proteigene resells Proteome Software Scaffold Software for analysis of proteomics and small molecule mass spectrometry data.