Terms of Purchase

Each purchase of a new Scaffold-branded license (not including upgrades from one product to another) includes software upgrades and technical support for one year from the date of purchase. If you choose not to renew your Upgrade and Support Contract after one year, you may continue to use the software, but you will not have access to technical support and upgrades. Annual renewal of your Upgrade and Support Contract is 20% of the undiscounted list price of the product license, an amount which accumulates each year past the end of the contract. Third-party libraries or other third-party software included with the Scaffold product license may be subject to different terms and additional upgrade fees.

In-lab licenses

  1. Needs to be purchased by original licensee (eg, by the same cost/budget center)
  2. Needs to be used in the same physical lab (eg, not necessarily in the same room, but in the primary licensee's or PI's lab space)
  3. Upgrade and support contracts for the in-lab license can only be purchased if the primary license's contract is also renewed. In other words, the in-lab license contract cannot be renewed on its own